10 Oct

A big teapot. Wow. There has gotta be better stuff in West Virginia than that. Ummm, uh-oh. Michael W. Smith, Kathy Mattea and Brad Paisley…I think I’ve only got one choice- Bill Withers. I grew up on classic soul and it doesn’t get more classic than Lean On Me. It’s so simple but so beautiful. The piano plays the same notes as he sings in the verses which usually wouldn’t work but he pulls it off. Then you add in the vocal harmonies and the way the song builds and it becomes epic. And that delivery! I hope that I can put forth that can’t passion behind my songs. Watch the video where he’s sitting at the piano, eyes closed and clapping. That’s the real deal.

Song 359- “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers

Tomorrow, we go to the home of the Redskins…see yesterday’s comments.

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