11 Oct

I would feel remiss if I did Altered States without mentioning Washington DC (in a manner other than the flub in 358) even though it’s not a state, it is the nations capital. Does this mean I’m gonna cover Guam, Puerto Rico and others? Why not. When I think about the music of DC, I think about Emo. Not the crying college student stuff, I’m talking about the music that it derived from. Many people don’t realize that emo is a long striving scene, which was hardcore punk in nature. Dashboard Confessional couldn’t survive in that scene. Not when the scene included bands like Moss Icon, Shudder to Think, Rites of Spring and most importantly FUGAZI! That is the problem with these blanket terms about music. How can you classify Dashboard Confessional or The Plain White T’s in the same category as a band with the kind of ferocious sound as Fugazi. The first time I heard Fugazi, I stumbled across a pirate radio station and they were playing Fugazi and KMFDM and all sorts of stuff, I had never heard before on NYC radio and wouldn’t ever hear again (at least on that place on the radio dial). It changed a lot in my view of what music could be like. Thanks illegal radio wave stealers!

Song 360- “Waiting Room” by Fugazi

Tomorrow, let’s get sloshed in the land of the world’s largest six-pack!

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