13 Oct

Um, here we are at Wyoming. And what am I going to do? I will have to admit, I have heard of people from Wyoming like Jackson Pollack and Rulon Gardner. But they aren’t musicians, nor is Jim J. Bullock and Matthew Fox. So, I’m really in a pinch. But I think I’ve found some luck. Rascal Flatts is known for making the song “Life is a Highway” a hit for the second time by countrifying it. But it wasn’t a new idea. Tom Cochran’s song was first covered by a man by the name of Chris LeDoux. And in fact, I think he did a better job of it. LeDoux’s an interesting story. He released 36 albums in his career, many self-released and he’s the only person to be inducted into both the country and rodeo Halls of Fame. In the 70’s he was a rodeo champ. In 1980, he retired due to injury and decided to try his hand at music. Not everyone is lucky enough to excel so highly at two things but he did. With help from Garth Brooks, he made a name for himself in the Country music world. LeDoux died in 2005 from Liver Cancer but no one can say that he didn’t live quite a life. And he was from….Wyoming!

Song 362- “Life is a Highway” by Chris LeDoux

I’ve done it 50 States. The fam has basically dared me to go for the commonwealths and the like, so it’s not over yet. Tomorrow, off we go to American Samoa!

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