14 Oct

I decided not to do a post on the music of American Samoa. I decided instead to broaden my musical horizons. Altered States is over and now it’s a new theme- Worldrock. Over the last few months, I have been sampling the rock music of different countries. I’m fascinated by the way that rock music evolves from place to place. I figured it would be great to take the work that I’m doing and put it into 10kdays. I don’t know how many countries I’m going to hit but welcome to Worldrock.

I’m frickin blown away but just how hard the rock music is coming out of South Korea. My new friend Kimmi turned me onto some Korean rap music and some of it was very dancey-dancey. So I sought out some harder stuff and was knocked on my ass by a guy named Seo Taiji. From what I’ve read, he was a colossus on the Korean music scene, helping to usher in a lot of Korea’s current musical style by adding in American influences. Then he rebelled against the boy band scene he helped create and is now devoted to making music that he feels is more honest to himself. And it happens that the music he’s making is a fucking rock juggernaut. The song I choose today is all about Seo Taiji’s transformation and how he believes that Korean musicians need to take a hard look at the music that they are making.

Song 363- “F.M. Business” by Seo Taiji

Worldrock Extra: Also in my hunt for great Korean rock, I stumbled across the band Cherry Filter. It’s very enjoyable powerpop K-Rock and worth more than a few listens. Check out the high notes that lead singer Youjeen hits.

W.R.X.- “Romantic Cat” by Cherry Filter

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