18 Oct

In my hunt for music for today, I decided that I wouldn’t take any of the easy routes and sought out more music from Africa. And I found out about Zam-rock, the rock music of Zambia which takes traditional sounds and blends them with 70’s rock. The first time I heard the stuff I was in love. It was like going to a record store and finding in the discount bin a rare Eric Clapton meets Carlos Santana bootleg. It’s funky with great guitar licks. In reading about the history of Zam-rock, it seems that the style roared in the 70’s and even evolved into a second style adding in rumba beats. But then political change in the country ruined the bands making the music (it was called cultural pollution). And now Zambia is rebuilding its Zam-rock legacy. It’s interesting to hear just how a country has had to fight to hold on to their music. And it’s really a great musical style worth fighting for. The scene may be evolving more as Zambeat bands start, incorporating r&b and rap but the music is still surviving and that’s what counts.

Song 367- “Lazy Bones” by W.I.T.C.H. (We Intend To Cause Havoc)

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