22 Oct

There are days where I’m really busy at work and then there are days like today where the word busy can’t fairly describe the work I was doing. All a part of keeping America safe, I suppose. So I didn’t get any time to do research today which is sad. I enjoyed immensely learning about Mongolian rock yesterday, so today I had hoped to have more time to do some researching on a country whose music I know very little of. But that doesn’t seem to be happening, so today I figured would be a good time to do Canada. I have always been fascinated by the huge divide between rock music of the United States and Canada. There’s not exactly a great style difference but why is it that some bands are big in Canada but don’t make it here? I would read my older brother’s Pro Sound News magazines and would wonder why I hadn’t heard about the Tragically Hip before if they were so successful. I later realized how big the gap was when I got Muchmusic (the channel that became Fuse). It’s a real shame because I have found some great Canadian rock that, for some reason I don’t understand, never made it across the border. Take for instance, the Tea Party (see post 253) or Billy Talent. Billy Talent is an alternative rock with high high energy but they’ve only made some small waves in the US, like appearing in the video game Burnout: Revenge with this song:

Song 371- “Red Flag” by Billy Talent

World Rock Extra: I haven’t heard this song in ages. Canadian new wave circa 1989, good and bass heavy. It’s a little rock and little country and still great to hear.

W.R.X.- “Diamond Mine” by Blue Rodeo

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