23 Oct

When it comes to the world of Worldrock, I’ve been the most impressed by rock in Japan. That you probably already know by the abundance of posts that I have written about Japanese rock bands (and in this theme I’ll write about a bunch more of them. I never said it would be one post per country). But another country whose rock music has really wowed me is the Phillipines. Pinoy Rock is amazingly American. It’s usually done in English and again, I have to say that it’s amazingly American. An example is the band Chicosci. Chicosci is a band from Manila and they have the emo stuff down pat. I have a handful of their songs on my mp3 player and whenever they come on, I always have the same reaction “ooh, which emo band is that…it can’t be the Ataris or anyone like that…they’re really good….oh, it’s Chicosci.” I really think this has to be heard to be believed. So I leave you to the music

Song 372- “Chicosci Vampire Social Club” by Chicosci

World Rock Extra: SATI is another band that has taken in American and European musical influences and learned to emulate it and make it their own. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear this was the alter ego of Bloc Party

W.R.X.- “Quick to Panic” by Shiela and the Insects

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