24 Oct

Today has been a crazy crazy day full of all sorts of projects. Definitely, world rock has not been on the radar at all. In fact, I barely listened to music today!!! So I’m gonna take a day off from the theme and take a look at what I’ve been listening to lately. Well, I’ve been listening to the new Radiohead. I don’t hear a single from the album but there’s a lot of cool stuff that I can play in the background while I write. Then there’s the Melora Creager album, Perplexions. I don’t understand why it’s not a Rasputina album since Melora is the mastermind behind the group but who cares, the music is great. The song I’ve listened to the most lately (I even heard it twice today in a day where I barely listened to music) is

Song 373- “Thrash Unreal” by Against Me!

I have an immense appreciation for Against Me! because they have the thing that I always look for…energy and conviction in their performances. You listen to this song and the story that Tom Gabel weaves, it’s so strong. But at the same time, it’s extremely catchy. One listen and the hook is embedded in you

“No mother ever dreams that her daughter’ll grow up to be a junkie/ No mother ever dreams that her daughter’ll grow up to sleep alone”

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