26 Oct

The world will have to wait. Or at least the World Rock. I am about to head off to beautiful Conneticut to spend a weekend with my sister-in-law (see AFI posts from last year). There won’t be any wild rock concerts or crazy creepy chinese restaurants but there will be candy apples and good company. So I probably won’t be posting tomorrow (but you never know). As for today, I’m going to stray again from the World Rock and I’m going to post about a band from Minneapolis, MN. The band consists of singer/guitarist Jenna Wilhelm and effects master Mark McGee. Together they are one of the best named bands around- To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie. Their music consists of minimal soundscapes and ethereal sounds used to the maximum effect. It is as haunting and beautiful as it is mesmerizing. Today was my first day delving into the Patron album and its really been a pleasure. It’s been like listening to “In Rainbows” if made by Bjork with a helping hand from Black Tape for a Blue Girl. That’s a very good thing.

Song 375- “The Man With The Shovel, Is The Man I’m Going To Marry” by To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie

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