3 Nov

Today is the day of my birthday party so I’m banging out a post early before the guests arrive for a night of games. So here’s another song that means the world to me. I’ve already posted about a lot of my all-time favorite songs in this blog. I’ve covered “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, “Salvation”, “Pillars”, “Honky’s Ladder”…and I’ve talked about a bunch of my all-time favorite bands like Rasputina, AFI, Concrete Blonde and Made Out of Babies. So it’s taking a little thought to figure out who or what song to post about. Well, here’s a favorite that I don’t think I have ever mentioned before in 10kdays. Getting to be the musician I am today has meant taking in a lot of different influences. And during my teenhood, there was a band I would hear a lot about and never understood the hype. Then I got a job and on a whim, bought one of their albums. It blew my mind. They were a 4 piece band that strived on experimentation and never pulled a punch. That was what I was looking for in music. They soon became one of my all-time favorite groups. That album was Doolittle. The band was The Pixies. My favorite song from that album was

Song 382- “Hey” by the Pixies

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