8 Nov

Here I was trying to get back into the flow of things and then I fall asleep early and miss a day. Granted I would soon learn that I was dreadfully ill but still, I gotta get back into it. But how….hmmm. I wanna still do the J-Rock but I need an angle. Just getting them from animes is not enough. I need to dig deeper. Maybe, I should start reading Oricon Style (that’s the Japanese equivalent of Billboard)? I’ve got an idea. A to Z J-Rock but I can’t use a band that I’ve already mentioned before in 10kdays. Let see where that gets me.

The band that I’m choosing for A happens to have done an anime theme, the theme to D.Gray Man but I have never seen that anime before. I happened to stumble across this band accidentally. I was looking for music from Maximum the Hormone and saw another band with a name that caught my eye- abingdon boys school. The band is named after the school that the members of Radiohead went to. It’s got a very Linkin Park new metal feel but there’s no rap and the delivery that comes from lead singer T.M. Revolution is extraordinary. He sounds like he should be doing J-pop, not J-Rock (in fact, I’m pretty sure this is a side project for him). But having him front this band is a great mix. And the look…I like a band that employs their own specific style.

Song 385- “Nephilim” by abingdon boys school

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