9 Nov

Remember that Simpsons episode with Mr. Sparkle and all the Japanese stereotypes. I always looked at those stereotypes as the Simpsons being silly as usual. But then I got older and started watching Japanese game shows and learning about other things and it became clear that there really are some really wacky things in Japan, which only made me enjoy Japanese culture even more. Today’s post goes along that route. Who’s the current big band in Japan? A band with a name that I just couldn’t believe when I read it. I thought it was a bad translation only to learn that the band’s name was always in English. Today, a song from Bump of Chicken. The band has known each other since kindergarten, became a band in grade school and were a big deal by the time they left college. Their music is less with the crunchy guitars and more about the melodic stuff. Hey man can’t live on style alone.

Song 386- “Hana No Na” by Bump of Chicken

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