18 Nov

Despite many posts that would seem contrary, I’m not an all-over Japanophile. Sure, I love puroresu and there’s a lot of J-rock I dig and I like the language but I’m not a big anime watcher. I don’t read manga ever, I’m not big on the sushi and there’s a bunch of Japanese music I don’t like. For every post that I put up, there’s a bunch that I dismiss. I am a musical elitist, remember :P. So when I started to search for J bands, I found myself struggling. There were some notable Japanese bands like Jealkb and Janne De Arc but I was not enjoying the music from either band. I just wasn’t into the jazzy drum and bass style of Jimsaku and the sugary rock of Judy & Mary aren’t my thing. But after much searching I found a Japanese rock I could sink my teeth into for J. The band is called Jinn and they hit many marks with me. The biggest one is the bass playing. Jinn’s bassist, Motoki, creates great grooves that are the driving force of the songs. I’ve heard three songs from the band so far and I am loving them. There will be more Jinn posts in the future

Song 395- “Vuena Vista” by Jinn

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