24 Nov

Woo-hoo. I made it to 400.

Here I am at O and I am kicking myself for having mentioned Orange Range before in 10kdays because their song “Asterisk” is one of my favorite J-Rock songs. So I am left to seek out another O band. The next thought would be the band Onmyouza but I’ve posted about them before back at #269. Well, there’s a band called OCEANLANE, a Japanese band who sing in English and play extremely generic emo. There’s nothing wrong with the band but there’s not that stands out about them either. They might as well be the Ataris. There’s an all-girl ska band called Ore Ska Band. The sound is….ska and the concept of an all girls Japanese ska band is commendable but the music isn’t really postworthy today, though they might be worth another try at a later day. There’s OLIVIA, who’s half Japanese, half American. She has an interesting story and a varying musical style. Too bad, I haven’t found the one that hits me. Luckily, I found Oblivion Dust. Sung in English, Oblivion Dust is a little Orgy, a little Smashing Pumpkins, with a touch of maybe Our Lady Peace. Good stuff.

Song 400- “S.O.S.” by Oblivion Dust

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