28 Nov

If I’m going to talk about my love of Japanese Rock, then I can’t pass S without the band that started the obsession- Shonen Knife. I wasn’t hip and underground, so I didn’t get into the band until they got on a major label. And that first album was a reissue of songs from the previous albums. I don’t know why I bought it as a kid another than I heard that it was a band with good guitar work who was made up of three Japanese women. Ever musically gutsy, I guess. I’ll never regret the choice as it proved to be a fun album. It wasn’t a thrashing rock fiasco like the stuff I enjoy now. It had roots in classic rock and pop and was silly fun. Songs like “Insect Collector” and “Tortoise Brand Pot Scrubbing Cleaner’s Theme (Sea Turtle)” were like nothing I had ever heard at the time while songs like “I am a Cat” and “Burning Farm” were downright American. And they continued to pull from those American influences for years to come. Check out their cover of a Monkees classic:

Song 404- “Daydream Believer” by Shonen Knife

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