1 Dec

V is for visual kei. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in 10kdays but I don’t think I’ve ever been very throughout in the explanation. Visual Kei is a musical movement in Japan which isn’t as much about the sound as it is the look of the bands performing. The bands who practice visual kei employ musical styles that dabble in punk, goth and heavy metal. The bigger component is the looks. Think a colorful version of goth style if it was swallowed by Glam rock. Big hair + tons of make-up + fancy costumes + androgyny = visual kei. I think that’s a fair description. The band for today is like a visual kei supergroup. Consisting of former members of other Visual Kei bands such as Lareine and Jyakura, the band Versailles epitomizes the scene. The leaders of the band Kamijo & the super androgynous Hizaki put together the band in hopes of achieving “The absolute Youshikibi (beauty of form) sound and extremes of aestheticism”. It’s a goal that they are definitely reaching for. Check out this 9 minute music video featuring Visual Kei looks, high drama voice overs and killer guitar work.

Song 407- “The Revenant Choir” by Versailles

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