11 Dec

Today I declare The Cult one of my favorite bands. I have finally decided that I really dig them and they are more than some kind of Doors knockoff. I first got into the band because I was a Top 40 junkie and when the album “Sonic Temple” came out, it was in the top 10….and I had no f’n clue who they were. So I sought out the album and was wowed by the cover and bought it on a whim and loved it. Since then I have always dug them but only on the fringe of my listening. But recently I picked up the new Cult album “Born Into This” and it’s a great set of songs. So I began looking at the whole Cult discography. “Rain”, “She Sells Sanctuary”, “Love Removal Machine”, “Fire Woman”, “American Horse”, “Edie”, “Sweet Soul Sister”, “Wildhearted Son”, “Heart of Soul”, “Coming Down (Drug Tongue)”….what took me so long to make this declaration. I love the Cult. And here’s one of my favorites. From the soundtrack to “Cool World”:

Song 416- “The Witch” by The Cult

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