22 Dec

One other thing that happened an awful lot this year was me having to make posts from my Nintendo Wii. Today is one of those days. Oh well.

This year, me and the album finally became friends again. I used to hate albums on principle, believing that songs should be singles and albums should be the afterthought as compilations. Now, I have come to grips with the idea of encompassing a moment in time in an album. Who can you thank for this epiphany? A few bands contributed, such as Made Out of Babies, AFI, Zinkline and the Cult.us Another group that influenced my change of heart was the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The album, Is Is, may have been an EP of old songs but it showed off the raw energy of the band, usually only found during the frenetic live sets. It’s definitely been 5 of the best songs i’ve heard in 2007.

Song 424- “10 x 10” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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