22 Dec

I’m split on which I was more surprised by in 2007. The beginning of the year brought Kelly Clarkson’s “My December” album. The hints of a rock side were already there in Kelly. “My December” went full brunt. The record company hated it. I loved it. Songs like “Judas” and “Hole” are some of the best I’ve heard out of the American Idol winner. The album was a big surprise. The other big musical surprise for me is how head over heels I went for Paramore’s “Riot” album. I never took Paramore seriously before. I initially looked at them as just another cookie cutter pop-rock band, who happened to have had a couple of catchy tunes. Then I heard their cover of the Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” from the most recent Superman movie soundtrack. That rose my opinion of them some more. “Riot” came out and they skyrocketed in my opinion. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Song 425- “Crushcrushcrush” by Paramore

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