23 Dec

There’s very little time on the clock. What else is new. It should be no surprise to a long time 10kdays reader to see me having to rush and put together a last minute post. Blame it all on a show about John Wilkes Booth and Heroes repeats. Anyways, I have little time so here is the song that I listened to the most during the year. Well actually it’s the 2007 release I listened to most during the year. The song I listened to most over the year was “Farewell Myth” by Made In Mexico. I must have listened to that song about a million times. But that song is a bit older. The 2007 song I listened to most (about a half million times) is a song by the Hold Steady. I haven’t really dug anything else by the Hold Steady. I’ve seen their performances at the Gibson studios a bunch of times and it never really struck me. But I found this song and was attracted to the title. The vocal harmonies drew me in and now the song has become a mainstay of my jukebox and has added the word hoodrat to my vocabulary.

Song 426- “Your Little Hoodrat Friend” by the Hold Steady

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