29 Dec

The year is nearly over and I couldn’t go without making another mention of the Zinkline album, “Bending the Worlds”. It’s my #1 album of the year. Though I am a bit biased because I wrote 10 of the 14 songs on the album but I also have to state that I’m not the type of guy to sit around listening to my own music. I often shy away from my own music because I’m way too critical. The work of the Zinkline made me change my tune. They asked me to write them some lyrics and I gave them tales of a coming apocalypse and instead of looking at them like the scribblings of a psychopath, they ran with them. They made Bending the Worlds, which is full of amazing performances and made an album I was willing to hear again and again since it’s release on March 1st. Thanks to Glennny and the guys for letting me help create this. Here’s another song from the album:

Song 430- “Evergreen” by Zinkline

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