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31 Jan

Here’s a song that I haven’t heard in a long time but now that live in New Jersey, I have found myself thinking about. The band is E-Town Concrete. The E is Elizabeth, NJ which is a train station stop I pass daily. E-Town Concrete was a rap/rock group and the song I’m choosing is one that I haven’t heard in a long time called Mandibles. The song appeared on their album “The Renaissance”, an album which surprised me in just how far the band could take their sound. But this song isn’t an innovative sound. I love the song because of how raw it is. Crazy lines like “Dipsy Doodles with a food stamp to get 75 cents back” speak to anyone who has been poor in NY/NJ and that’s why I like it.

Song 459- “Mandibles” by E-Town Concrete



30 Jan

Now that the women in music theme is over I can take some time to just look at some of the things that I’ve been listening to. And I’m happy to announce that the most badass J-Rock band around is about to put out a new album. Jinn is about to release their 2nd album, Qualia, on February 6th. I have already posted about the first single from the album- “Vuena Vista” (see post 395) and I’m so excited to see that they have a video for a second song. And as usual Jinn is impressive. Hitan’s voice is great and the musicianship is phenomenal, especially when it comes to the basswork of Motoki. Finding more Jinn music makes me so very happy. I just wish they had music videos which were more than just performances. Oh well, the music is still amazing.

Song 458- “Shishi No Tane” by Jinn


29 Jan

We have reached the end of the women of music theme and it’s great that I get to end the theme with a band that I miss greatly. The hole they have left in my musical listening with their recent break-up is going to be hard to fill. The band that I’m talking about is Pretty Girls Make Graves. The Z in PGMG is Andrea Zollo, their big voiced vocalist. Zollo has pipes on her like few others. She has the type of power that Julie Christmas of Made Out Of Babies exhibits just without the baby doll squeals or the untamed fury. If you can imagine Julie Christmas’ voice controlled, you would get Andrea Zollo. And if you’ve read this blog, you know how much I love Julie Christmas. So that should tell you how much I love Andrea Zollo’s voice. I can remember hunting down all the songs on Elan Vital and wincing in horror when I found that the album had a song that had male vocals. I can’t even remember the song title. That tells you how I feel about Zollo’s voice. The fact that the band only made 3 albums is a crying shame. Sigh.

Song 457- “The Nocturnal House” by Pretty Girls Make Graves


28 Jan

In doing this theme and being so very busy, I haven’t had a chance to listen to any new Japanese music. Being an American, grabbing up new Japanese music isn’t easy. It takes a conscious effort to do. So when I saw that today I was up to Y in the women in music theme, I decided immediately that I was going to write about Yui. Yui is one of my favorite Japanese artists as her song “Rolling Star” earned a lot of play on my jukebox. So today I sought out another song from her. I ended up picking the song that she released after Rolling Star. It’s the last single from her album “Can’t Buy My Love” and it’s not a rocking tune like Rolling Star, it’s much more pop. But it still has Yui’s great voice and it’s a very fun song.

Song 456- “Che.R.Ry” by Yui


27 Jan

It feels like I’m cheating by doing this but I’m up to the letter X and I don’t want to talk about the band X or the band Xe03. The former has already had a mention in the blog and the latter is a band that is hard to find songs for and I don’t want to just point my readers (all ??? of you) to their myspace. So I’m going to do the cheating thing and talk about a wonderful singer that goes by the name of Anti-M. I’ve heard Anti-M’s voice referred to as a modern day Carly Simon. Besides having an amazing voice, she is an amazing talent who can play all sorts of instruments including water drums and violin saws. She has also done some singing for the band X-Tokyo-River-God. How is this cheating? I just happen to be a member of that band too. But hey, it’s my blog! 😛

Song 455- “Don’t Think I Don’t Miss You” by x-tokyo-river-god


26 Jan

So going into today’s post, I heard this great new song. Yes, it had a female singer. But the band’s name didn’t start with the letter W. so I was essentially screwed and I was very disappointed. So then I looked in the mighty communist encyclopedia- wikipedia– and to my luck, the band’s lead singer is named Amandah Wilkinson. Wilkinson starts with W.. So essentially I won. A big thank you to Caravan Ray for introducing me to this one. All I know from him is that this band is made out of several of Australian youngsters, and it rocks. Sometimes that’s all you really need. Enjoy.

Song 454- “Get what you want” by Operator Please


25 Jan

When it came time to write a post for the letter V, I felt there was only one choice for me. Sure, I could’ve dug around for some other V female musicians like Vixen. But the first thought was Voice of the Beehive. I don’t really know much about the band. All I know is that the band includes two women. But this is something I grew up on. Back in the day when I listed to WDRE, a Long Island new wave radio station, they used to play the band. It was an odd new experience for me. I think it was the first time for me hearing such dreamy sounding pop. It affected me greatly. In fact, when I did a split album between two of my bands back in the 90’s, I named it after this song.

Song 453- “Monsters and Angels” by the Voice of the Beehive