2 Jan

So I was wondering what I’m going to post about in today’s post. It’s women A to Z, so who do I choose? I was pondering as I sat having dessert, enjoying a blondie…..and then it came to me, Beyonce. Hell no. Blondie! Growing up WDRE, Debbie Harry has meant a lot to me musically. One of the first times that I turned on the station, I was introduced to their weekly countdown show. To me, a child of Casey’s Top 40, this was a perfect way for me to get into all this new music. And one of the first songs that stuck with me was Debbie Harry’s “Brite Side”. Up til that point, all I had known of her was a picture in a High Society magazine. That’s when I started to learn about who she was and what was this the amazing phenomena that is Blondie. Now, this post was going to lead into me a Blondie song (specifically “Maria”) but I started playing “Brite Side” on YouTube, I couldn’t resist its charm. I hadn’t heard it in years because I didn’t know that it was Brite not Bright until today.

Song 433- “Brite Side” by Deborah Harry*

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* For her “Def, Dumb and Blonde” album, Debbie Harry decided that she would be Deborah professionally. But in the hearts of many, she’ll always be Debbie.


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