3 Jan

We are up to C in the A to Z: Women of music, and today I think I’m going to post about Cibo Matto. I can remember when I first learned about the band. I kept hearing all the hype but I hadn’t heard the music and I wasn’t interested in a pair of Asian girls with a name that means “greasy food”. Then I watched MTV’s Squirt TV and they were on, alongside Sean Lennon and Russell Simins (of Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion). The fact that Simins and Lennon were there was enough clout to get me to watch. Then I hear Cibo Matto and the girls are screaming and yelling and jumping on the bed (there was a bed on the show) and singing about chicken. How could you not love that?! I’ve been a fan ever since. Here’s another of my fave Cibo Matto tunes:

Song 434- “Birthday Cake” by Cibo Matto

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