11 Jan

At the end of 2006, one of my favorite albums was Ys. In talking about music in 2007, it was a real shame that i could speak more about Ys because it was a 2006 album but for most of the year, I listened to it. It may only be five songs long but at almost an hour, those songs pack a real punch. The harps that dominate the album were recorded by Steve Albini of all people! If that connection was enough to make the album worth a try, Ys is a musical exploration unlike any I found that year. Y’know what, I think I’m gonna get a CD and burn some Joanna Newsom, some Rasputina, some XeO3 and add some To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie and create a mix that would blow the mind away. More of those last 3 later in this theme…

Song 441- “Cosmia” by Joanna Newsom


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