23 Jan

Here we are at the letter T and there are probably some great bands that I’m overlooking. But right now, my juvenile sense of humor refuses to go with any other band than Tits of Death. That’s right. Tits of Death! 5 women from the UK with names like Kitty Darling and Marni Maelstrom. What’s the music like? Does it matter? They’re called Tits of Death! Okay, sticklers who wanna hear about the music. It’s very punk, very reminiscent of the Cramps. Think the Donnas if all they did was talk about was tits and didn’t have the vocal harmonies. Somedays you don’t have to have Pink Floyd opuses. Somedays you can sit back and enjoy- a band of attractive young women talking about tits in a rock band called Tits of Death. C’mon, if you go to their website, there’s a pic of Jesus with bare breasts! You can beat that.

Song 451- “Iron Nipples” by Tits of Death”



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