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29 Feb

Hey my sister is in town, so it would be quite rude of me to be lounging around online. So here’s a quick post. The other day I was using google as a weapon and digging around on the internet for websites with mp3s lingering around. What I found included a site full of J-Rock songs. Of course that made me very very happy. So I picked up quite a few songs. One of the songs that I found was by Bump of Chicken. You can’t beat the ridiculousness of that name…actually you can. Just watch the video. And just as fun is the fact that the song is so very country fried Japanese.

Song 487- “Dandelion” by Bump of Chicken



28 Feb

I have a new drum machine. I’m playing with my drum machine. So here’s a song for you guys to enjoy while I figure out how this thing works.

Song 486- “Modern Drummer” by Ungdomskulen


27 Feb

Before I jump into the next theme, I figure I’ll do a few solo posts and of course, where do I start off? J-Rock. I am really enjoying the new album from The Brilliant Green. After hearing the rocking side of Tomoko Kawase when she took on her alter-ego, Tommy Heavenly6, I was very apprehensive about hearing her back with her old band. But my fears were assuaged when I heard their newest single. I can completely understand how the band earned their accolades. The newest single “Ash Like Snow” shows off the power in Ryo Matsui’s guitar work and allows Tomoko to go back to her vicious style. No wonder this one was made an anime theme (Mobile Suit Gundam 00). And if you’ve read through this blog, you know that then best J-Rock becomes anime themes.

Song 485- “Ash Like Snow” by The Brilliant Green


26 Feb

In the end, this whole theme has been just another reason to post about my favorite band, Made Out OF Babies. It’s a shame that I already did a post about the song Gunt because I found this exceptional video of the band on Dailymotion (, so I’ll just have to find another song to post about for my 5th Made Out of Babies post. And I think I’ll go back to the first Made Out Of Babies album and choose “Ire Fire”.

Song 484- “Ire Fire” by Made Out of Babies

One last thing about Post Metal. Does the genre really exist? Does it need to exist? Who cares. The music is very very good and if having a label leads listeners to various similar bands that are of the same caliber, so be it. Keep on rocking.


25 Feb

Maybe having the title Post Metal is a good thing, as a way for a band who falls under various genres can get an easy labeling. Take for instance, The Ocean Collective. Wikipedia lists them as Hardcore, Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental Music, Film Music, and Ambient Music. If you listen to them they fit all of the above categories. They are also considered Post-Metal. Maybe Post-Metal is the evolution of the genre where it’s metal that encompasses more. But then comes the problem of what do you put in the genre and what don’t you. Look at a band like Sunn O))). Some would call it Post-Metal. Others would say that it belongs in the category of drone metal. Some would say they are more in the Noise genre. Perhaps the whole issue about Post Metal should be a sign that the world needs less genres.

Song 483- “At Arm’s Length” by Mouth of the Architect


24 Feb

..continued from the last post

A lot of the bands that fall under Post Metal’s umbrella all happen to be on the same record label, which does help convince people that the genre really needs to exist. Take for instance all the bands that are listed as notable post metal bands in the wonder of all wonders- Wikipedia. Here’s the list as of this post:

* Battle of Mice
* Burst
* Callisto
* Cult of Luna
* Intronaut
* Isis
* Jesu
* Kayo Dot
* Giant Squid
* Khoma
* Light Years
* Made Out of Babies
* Mouth of the Architect
* Neurosis
* Pelican
* Red Sparowes
* Rosetta
* Russian Circles

Red Sparrows, Neurosis, Battle of Mice, Isis, and Made Out Of Babies are all on Neurot Recordings. Then there is the incestuous nature of the bands. For instance Cult of Luna and Khoma have shared members. So do most of the aforementioned Neurot bands. Then there’s the existence of already existing genres like Sludge rock, Art-Metal and the like. Does the world need another label, especially when this one struggles to differentiate itself?

Song 482- “Constructing Towers” by Isis


23 Feb

…continued from last post.

Kayo-dot does that beautiful melodic thing but also does the metal inbetween. But that’s really far from a steady signature for the genre. In fact, in many ways, the title post-metal carries the same weight that the title alternative does. It’s a blanket term for many of the bands that are metal in many ways BUT defy conventional descriptions. For instance, look at a band like Russian Circles. Russian Circles doesn’t sound anything like Kayo-Dot. Kayo-Dot uses unconventional (for metal) instrumentation while Russian Circles sticks with the straight up rock standard of guitar, bass and drums. A second difference is the fact that Russian Circles is all instrumental. And the music have very different styles because of those differences but since they have that dichotomy between Post-rock and Metal, they are both placed under Post Metal’s umbrella. The term may not really even carry a true meaning. It may only hold true for the bands who decided to use it.

Song 481- “Death Rides A Horse” by Russian Circles