1 Feb

I think it’s time to do another theme and I think I should do another video director theme. This time, it’s a look at xDoanex also known as Darren Doane. If you haven’t heard of him, don’t worry. You probably have seen his work. He’s been in the music video business for well over a decade and has worked with a lot of great bands. Where did I get into Darren Doane’s work? I got into his work very very very late. I had seen a lot of his videos and liked them but the first one that I fell head over heels for was one he did for the band Every Time I Die. It’s a hard song to express, so he decided to go with a simple performance video but spliced into boxes. It helped capture the frantic nature of the band and the song. And the casting of Michael Madsen as the crazed video director is a great added touch.

Song 460- “Kill the Music” by Every Time I Die


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