2 Feb

In doing these themes, I always learn something new. What did I learn that’s new when researching Darren Doane? Well, I’ve always been a fan of the music that’s found on Victory Records. They have made a lot of very good choices to have on their label. I have enjoyed music from Aiden, Glasseater, Taking Back Sunday, Waterdown, Thursday, Atreyu, Straylight Run and others. Another band that I have enjoyed is Grade. Grade was a Canadian band who was on Victory until their break up in 2002. During their existance, no song of theirs impressed me more than “Termites Hollow”. I even adopted that title for various other things. And who happened to do the video for that? xDoanex did! I don’t understand the video but he made it and it’s compelling with its great cinematography.

Song 461- “Termites Hollow” by Grade


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