3 Feb

In doing this theme, looking at the work of xDoanex (aka Darren Doane), I have come to a very good conclusion about him. He makes great looking videos with crazy imagery that borders on incomprehensible. Take for instance the video for Thursday’s “Cross out the eyes”. I’ve watched this video many times (Thursday being one of my all time favorite bands) and I’m not sure I get it. A man is pulled out of a car in a bodybag and tossed in a rainy alley…but he’s alive. Children find the man and peel away the death literally. The kids drag him away and the next that you see him, he’s cleaned, dressed and holding a dove. He releases the dove which you have to wonder about because the song includes the line “And the morning dove gets caught in the telephone lines”. Next the guy is laying in a room, full of kneeling people with white hoods on. Hoods is the wrong word- sheets wrapped around their heads. He walks over to the door and throws himself at it in a rather spastic way. The spasms continue on the floor. A man walks into the room with a woman and a gold briefcase. She points to the spastic man, who is laying in a corner and chooses him. She puts him in her car, kisses him as he sits comatosed and the video ends. WTF!!!!

Song 462- “Cross Out The Eyes” by Thursday


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