9 Feb

It’s day four of the Paul Fedor theme. So far we looked at three videos by him that have figured out ways to turn performances into something more. In “All Around Me”, he used paint to make Flyleaf’s performance into an audience with God. In “Fine Again”, he accentuated Seether’s performance with signs that turned the song into another tale. And in “Minerva”, he used great cinematography to play up the beauty of the Deftones’ song. His video for 30 Seconds To Mars’ “Attack” which I spoke of many posts ago, works in the same way as he accented the performance by scratching up the film. But he doesn’t just work off of performance vidoes. In his video for Marilyn Manson’s “The Nobodies”, he doesn’t focus on the band performing, instead choosing to string together a phantasmagoria of dark images, which is perfect for a video for a Marilyn Manson song. Shots like Marilyn snapping at the dog or Marilyn as a tree, are visually amazing and really show Fedor’s strength as a director with a vision.

Song 468- “The Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson


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