16 Feb

We have reached the end of the Sex Sells Blogs theme and after looking at Bjork, Samantha Fox, P!nk and a bunch of masturbators, where else can you go? How about the person who has sold the most sex in music ever…Madonna. But what song? I already posted about my favorite Madonna song all the way back at #204. Well, let me take a look at the Madonna Official YouTube channel. Yes, she has an official YouTube page. Sadly, she doesn’t include my favorite song on there, which is a crying shame. She has my second favorite of my songs on her page though, “Oh Father”. But that doesn’t equal sex. How about going back when Madonna was fresh and new and so was her sex appeal. I’m going to go for “Burning Up”. Lyrically, very sexy. The video has a some of it. Like I said, this is fresh and new Madonna. But it’s classic and I love the fact that Chuck Eddy’s “Stairway To Hell” listed it in the top 50 heavy metal songs that weren’t really heavy metal. 🙂

Song 474- “Burning Up” by Madonna


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