18 Feb

Yesterday I looked at the music from a show from the 2007-2008 NBC season. Today, I’m looking at ABC. TV doesn’t have a formula. People try to figure one out but it just doesn’t work out. Example, you create a TV show and you cast Michael Vartan from the very successful Alias and Dylan McDermott from the equaly successful The Practice. That sounds like it might work. But what if you like the funny stuff? Add Christopher Titus to the cast. But what if you’re in it for the ladies? Add in TV vet Paige Turco and the sexy Jessica Collins. Plus add in Nia Long, Mayte “I was Mrs. Prince” Garcia, Elizabeth Rohm and Joshua Malina (from the West Wing) and you should have a hit. Add in the fact that it’s created by Jon Harmon Feldman and had episodes written by Rob Thomas (who made Veronica Mars). It even had a great director in Michael Katleman. But no go. The show failed and got the writing strike axe like Bionic Woman did. Today’s song wasn’t in the show BUT it was done by one of the show’s crew members, who happens to be a Songfighter like myself.

Song 476- “Bad Attraction” by prayformojo


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