21 Feb

10 minutes left on the clock and a new 10kdays post. It’s the last day of the 2007-2008 TV Schedule theme and a look at the station that I’ve watched the most this season- The CW. That surprises me greatly. But I actually enjoyed Crowned (mostly because of the humor of Carson Kressley and hotness of Hollis). I’ve been watching ANTM since Season 1. And I’m a big fan of Supernatural. And on Fridays, there’s wrestling. Well, there was. The CW has cancelled one of their highest rated shows, WWE Smackdown. The reason? They wanted to pull in a different demographic. I guess they don’t like having their pristine little network full of roided up freaks. Oh well, this could be for the best. The WWE will go elsewhere, ushering a new era of Smackdown and the CW will have a new night of programming that HOPEFULLY won’t be reality based. No need for them to put on “Farmer Wants A Bride”. I’m serious. That’s an actual show. Here’s the Smackdown champion’s themesong.

Song 479- “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge


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