23 Feb

…continued from last post.

Kayo-dot does that beautiful melodic thing but also does the metal inbetween. But that’s really far from a steady signature for the genre. In fact, in many ways, the title post-metal carries the same weight that the title alternative does. It’s a blanket term for many of the bands that are metal in many ways BUT defy conventional descriptions. For instance, look at a band like Russian Circles. Russian Circles doesn’t sound anything like Kayo-Dot. Kayo-Dot uses unconventional (for metal) instrumentation while Russian Circles sticks with the straight up rock standard of guitar, bass and drums. A second difference is the fact that Russian Circles is all instrumental. And the music have very different styles because of those differences but since they have that dichotomy between Post-rock and Metal, they are both placed under Post Metal’s umbrella. The term may not really even carry a true meaning. It may only hold true for the bands who decided to use it.

Song 481- “Death Rides A Horse” by Russian Circles


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