24 Feb

..continued from the last post

A lot of the bands that fall under Post Metal’s umbrella all happen to be on the same record label, which does help convince people that the genre really needs to exist. Take for instance all the bands that are listed as notable post metal bands in the wonder of all wonders- Wikipedia. Here’s the list as of this post:

* Battle of Mice
* Burst
* Callisto
* Cult of Luna
* Intronaut
* Isis
* Jesu
* Kayo Dot
* Giant Squid
* Khoma
* Light Years
* Made Out of Babies
* Mouth of the Architect
* Neurosis
* Pelican
* Red Sparowes
* Rosetta
* Russian Circles

Red Sparrows, Neurosis, Battle of Mice, Isis, and Made Out Of Babies are all on Neurot Recordings. Then there is the incestuous nature of the bands. For instance Cult of Luna and Khoma have shared members. So do most of the aforementioned Neurot bands. Then there’s the existence of already existing genres like Sludge rock, Art-Metal and the like. Does the world need another label, especially when this one struggles to differentiate itself?

Song 482- “Constructing Towers” by Isis


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