25 Feb

Maybe having the title Post Metal is a good thing, as a way for a band who falls under various genres can get an easy labeling. Take for instance, The Ocean Collective. Wikipedia lists them as Hardcore, Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental Music, Film Music, and Ambient Music. If you listen to them they fit all of the above categories. They are also considered Post-Metal. Maybe Post-Metal is the evolution of the genre where it’s metal that encompasses more. But then comes the problem of what do you put in the genre and what don’t you. Look at a band like Sunn O))). Some would call it Post-Metal. Others would say that it belongs in the category of drone metal. Some would say they are more in the Noise genre. Perhaps the whole issue about Post Metal should be a sign that the world needs less genres.

Song 483- “At Arm’s Length” by Mouth of the Architect


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