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31 Mar

It’s the 5th and final day of my cover crazy theme. And I’m going to finish off with one of my all time favorite covers. One of the reasons that I love covers so much is that they can transcend genres. Case in point, Justin Timberlake’s pop song “Cry Me A River”. His blistering onslaught on Britney Spears was an unexpected gem when he released it. Then it took on a whole new life when it was covered by rap-rock group Lostprophets. Suddenly it had crunch to go along with its bitterness and elevated it to a new level.

Song 511- “Cry Me A River” by Lostprophets



30 Mar

The cover crazy theme reaches day 4 and I am mixing two of my loves- J-Rock and covers. At my job, I am known for playing music at loud volumes. So as not to be mean, I will occasionally take requests (as long as they are something I’d listen to). One of my co-workers, Karen, asked for some U2 and I decided that I would search around for an interesting one to listen to, seeking out an Achtung Baby song I hadn’t heard in forever. But instead of finding that, I was shocked to find that Utada Hikaru had done an MTV Unplugged and performed a killer U2 cover. It may not have been what Karen had asked for exactly but it was so good that no one minded and it’s been in my regular musical rotation ever since.

Song 510- “With or Without You” by Utada Hikaru


28 Mar

Gosh time sure is flying today. And I have much much to do. So what I need is a cover that speaks for itself. The Smiths’ “How Soon Is Now” is one of those songs that many a band tries to cover. Only two bands have succeeded in my eyes. Love Spit Love did great with their version aka The Charmed Theme. And then there’s Snake River Conspiracy who go in a totally different direction to arrive at their successful version.

Song 509- “How Soon Is Now” by Snake River Conspiracy


27 Mar

My cover theme continues with this little bit of oddness. Okay, there’s this guy Owen Pallett but he usually goes by the name Final Fantasy. He plays violin and uses loop pedals to structure his songs live. If you’ve ever seen KT Tunstall live performing “The Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” then you know what I’m talking about. It makes for interesting sounds when it’s done with violin instead of guitar. So, on occasion Final Fantasy will bust out with some covers. The first time I heard him was a cover of a Joanna Newsom song. Well, recently I stumbled upon this live gem. It’s Final Fantasy loop pedalling his way through Mariah Carey. Oh this is a superb thing and I’m so glad that someone caught this moment for posterity and put it on youtube. It’s both brilliant and ridiculous at the same time.

Song 508- “Fantasy” by Final Fantasy


26 Mar

Today starts a new 5 song theme called Cover Crazy. I am enamored by covers. No song should be done by just one band alone. A song is met to be resung, replayed, modified, taken in and made your own. To start this thread, it’s the Dollyrots. I posted about them way back as their song “Because I’m Awesome” is my kids’ personal theme song. But I’m not one to leave a band as a one-hit wonder, so I sought out other songs. What do I find? I find a cover of a song that I’ve already heard covered…”Brand New Key”. Rasputina, one of my top 3 favorite bands of all time, has a killer version of Melanie’s classic roller skating song. Yes, roller skating. Melanie swears there’s no sexual innuendo in the song. Bull, i say. That song is sexual awakening. That song is I’ve got this new sexual desire and you’ve got bits I wanna jump on. But Dollyrots don’t play up that part. Dollyrots are big on the fun as this very odd recording will show:

Song 507- “Brand New Key” by the Dollyrots


25 Mar

I love Japanese band names. Last night I posted about the great named Nitro Microphone Underground. Today, a look at some of my other favorite Japanese band names. Here are my current top 3.

#3. Doping Panda. I’m sure that doping probably has some other meaning in Japan that I don’t know but the idea of naming a band after the act of drugging an endangered animal is great.

#2. Ogre You Asshole. I guess they aren’t fans of Shrek. Fast fact, they used to be called “Joy Division” until they got the memo that that was taken.

and #1. Sons of All Pussys. Nuff said.

Song 506- “High” by Sons of all Pussys

Note- don’t let the video fool you…it’s a three MAN band.


24 Mar

And now for something a little different…It’s rocking but it’s definitely not J-Rock but it’s from Japan. It’s rap. When I looked up the band Nitro Microphone Underground in wikipedia, wiki described them as the Japanese version of the Wu Tang Clan. I can wholeheartedly accept that comparison. The eight member group (Dabo, Macka-chin, Deli, Suiken, Gore-Tex, S-Word, XBS, and Bigzam) may lack some of the street grit but they still come hard with their raps. And they are definitely deserving of a spot in this time with this single from their latest album, which layers their raps over a blistering guitar driven beat.

Song 505- “Special Force” by Nitro Microphone Underground