18 Mar

The 10kdays look at Songfight in the FAWM 2008 continues with It’ll Be A Breeze. It’ll Be A Breeze is the moniker that was used by songfighter Kill Me Sarah. Kill Me Sarah isn’t one of the better known fighters and he hasn’t had a lot of success in the fights. Take for instance his time in the Nur Ein last year…let’s just say he didn’t get anywhere close to finish line. But the FAWM is a place where you can get in much needed practice and honing of skills. He may not have “won” the FAWM as he produced only 10 songs instead of 14, he did something better. He made a song that knocked people’s socks off. He took one of his journal entries and made a surprisingly good song from the prose.

Song 499- “Alarm” by It’ll be a Breeze



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