22 Mar

If I wasn’t already excited about this year in J-Rock with Jinn’s new album “Qualia” and the new singles by the Brilliant Green; guess who else is back- Asian Kung Fu Generation. The quartet from Kanagawa is back with their sixth album (9th if you count the early indie releases) and as usual they are at the pinnacle of the J-Rock scene. The new album “World World World” is a big seller and the first 3 singles are all killer. I decided to go with the first single which has already been picked up as the 7th opening for the anime Bleach. May I reiterate how good Bleach themes are:

#1- “Asterisk” by Orange Range (post #502)
#2- “D-Techno Life” by Uverworld
#3- “Ichirin No Hana” by High and Mighty Color (post #297)
#4- “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight” by Beat Crusaders
#5- “Rolling Star” by Yui (post #335)
#6- “Alones” by Aqua Timez

All excellent songs and this one continues the tradition.

Song 503- “After Dark” by Asian Kung-Fu Generation


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