30 Mar

The cover crazy theme reaches day 4 and I am mixing two of my loves- J-Rock and covers. At my job, I am known for playing music at loud volumes. So as not to be mean, I will occasionally take requests (as long as they are something I’d listen to). One of my co-workers, Karen, asked for some U2 and I decided that I would search around for an interesting one to listen to, seeking out an Achtung Baby song I hadn’t heard in forever. But instead of finding that, I was shocked to find that Utada Hikaru had done an MTV Unplugged and performed a killer U2 cover. It may not have been what Karen had asked for exactly but it was so good that no one minded and it’s been in my regular musical rotation ever since.

Song 510- “With or Without You” by Utada Hikaru


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