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30 Apr

When it comes to covers, people will always cover the Beatles until the end of time. They are in the eyes of many, the best band of all time. Covers will follow suit. I would list the covers but it’s a tremendous list. Here, look at the list from The Covers Project.

And I bet that’s only a partial. It’s amazing to see for a band that only existed for a decade. There are a lot of very good covers like Fiona Apple’s “Across the Universe” and Soundgarden’s “Come Together”. I have a partial penchant for this one:

Song 540- “Strawberry Fields Forever” by Candyflip



29 Apr

It’s kind of hard for me to do this theme. Covers are second nature to me so its unnatural to get really hyped up about them. So I figure I’ll talk about some of the musicians that are frequently covered. For instance, Britney Spears. First it was “Hit Me One More Time” that garnered cover after cover and now the song that gets them is “Toxic”. It’s the song that is widely accepted as Britney’s song with the most crossover appeal to the alternative rock crowd. It’s the Britney Spears song you can have on your iPod without getting chastised. So when bands started covering it, it wasn’t a surprise. Hard Fi did it for the Live Lounge. Yael Naim has covered it unplugged. Boss Hoss did it country style. Nickel Creek added a little Bluegrass. Hurra Torpedo slowed it down into a sludge rock dirge. And Local H probably did the best job by just rocking the song the f out.

Song 539- “Toxic” by Local H


28 Apr

Hmmm, this would be the time when I start up a new theme but I have no idea what to do for the new theme. Well, how about covers. Covers are a big part of my day in, day out listening so why not do a theme all about them. I am a firm believer in the idea that songs are not meant to be done by just one artist alone. Why should a song only be done by one band if another band can add a new perspective? Take for instance, the Zutons’ song “Valerie”. On it’s own, it’s an okay song. It’s a rocker that doesn’t light the world on fire. But what if you take that song and give it some soul. Make it feel kinda Motown. Add some horns and a female vocalist. Now that’s the ticket and that’s exactly what Mark Ronson did. I will say that I like Panic at the Disco’s version slightly better but in the end, it’s Ronson’s version that set the tone for their version too. And both make the original pale in comparison.

Song 538- “Valerie” by Mark Ronson featuring Amy Winehouse


27 Apr

Hey it’s fellow Song-a-day blogger Rachael Layne’s birthday. Happy B’day Rachael!

Song 537- “House in my Head” by Rachael Layne f/ Glenn Case


26 Apr

Today is the last day of my new to the playlist theme. Every once and a while I go to a record companies website and just start digging around in search of new bands to listen to. Recently, I did that with Century Media because I was in the mood for some blistering metal. No sooner do I go into their media section did I find the band The Agonist. They have the melodic sections which I actually appreciate. But all the grittiness and growling that you expect out of a Century Media band is there. It’s like you took Otep (The Agonist has a lead singer) and mixed them with Lacuna Coil. That may not be the best comparison as there’s no Evanescence to be found in the Agonist but that’s why I include the YouTube links. Listen and come up with your own comparisons. Maybe Crisis…Gosh, I miss Crisis.

Song 536- “Business Suits and Combat Boots” by The Agonist


25 Apr

I have to rush through this post because I’m about to go out to the movies. Woo hoo Jet Li and Jackie Chan! So another band that has recently been added to my jukebox is MGMT (aka the Management). I didn’t wanna like this band simply because there is just so much hype around them and after Vampire Weekend (yuck), I was very pee-shy to get into another band which is so heavily beloved in Alternative Press and in the blogosphere. But I heard the song “Kids” and had to kowtow. They are quite enjoyable with their keyboard rock style. I would say more but I’ve gotta go…

Song 535- “Kids” by MGMT


24 Apr

Who else has been rocking the jukebox? Hmmm, there are a new bands to my player but I worry that they are just one hit wonders. Many other recent additions have already gotten their day in the sun on 10kdays (like Kayo-Dot and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie). One band who is getting a lot of play that I never thought would is Shiny Toy Guns. Why the lack of faith? “Le Disko”. That was the band’s breakout single and it left me quite flat. The chorus was such uninteresting stuff. There was just nothing there for me in the song. So when I heard the song “Rainy Monday” which features male vocals instead of female and a sound that harkens back to my new wave roots, I didn’t believe it was them. But it was. I don’t know if the band isn’t a one hit wonder with me but they have scored more than a few spins.

Song 534- “Rainy Monday” by Shiny Toy Guns