13 Apr

My second delving into the world of worldrock continues with a trip to Chile. And I have learned that rock music seems to thrive in South America. There are a lot of countries in that continent producing great heavy metal and alternative music. Today’s pick is from Argentina. The band is called El Otro Yo. Translated the band’s name means the Other I. They’ve existed since 1990 and their music has been able to convey the alternative music sounds found in America since that time. It’s awesome to hear a band from Argentina getting inspiration from bands like Sonic Youth, the Pixies and Nirvana. And much like Sonic Youth, they have both male and female vocalists. I prefer María Fernanda Aldana’s vocals over her husband Christian’s. So here’s a song with her in the lead.

Song 523- “Auto Destruccion” by El Otro Yo


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