16 Apr

This 5 post journey into Worldrock ends and I am ending it in China. China is a country which is still struggling to find its rock identity. At the beginning of the new millennium, rock was just about dead in China, except for some underground bands, many of whom were mirroring the styles from in J-Rock. But slowly C-Rock is coming into its own. I’ll admit, I’m not as fond of C-Rock as I am of J-Rock but like I said, C-rock is slowly coming into its own. An interesting case is the band Silver Ash. Silver Ash has a lot of Japanese influence as they sport the visual kei look. And they have the look down as many of the members could be mistaken for female (they even have female names). But there are many rumors that the band has gotten pressure from the Chinese government. Is it their style that has gotten them in trouble. I don’t know but again, C-Rock is slowly coming into its own and incidents like that one can’t help it.

Song 526- “Lunar Eclipse” by Silver Ash


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