17 Apr

One aspect of my listening that I have rarely discussed in 10kdays is my love of mashup. So, I’m starting a mashup theme. I’m going to start off with one of the greatest mashup albums of all time- Dean Gray’s “American Edit”. Dean Gray is actually the collaboration of amazing DJ’s Team 9 and Party Ben. On their own, they are some of the best purveyors of mashup around. Together, they made an absolute classic. The concept was to take Green Day’s “American Idiot” album and mash the entire thing. The results are brilliant from top to bottom. It features not only Green Day but Kanye West, The Eagles, U2, Ashanti, Aerosmith, Oasis, Queen and over 20 others. The album caused quite an uproar as Warner Brothers had album taken offline. That only increased the fervor and on December 13, 2005, it was Dean Grey Tuesday and websites posted the album against the label’s will. The rest is history.

Surprisingly, instead of choosing one of the mega mashups for today, I felt like choosing a simple A-B mashup: Green Day’s “Whatsername” + The Bangles’ “Manic Monday”. Simple and wonderful.

Song 527- “Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)” by Dean Gray


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