26 Apr

Today is the last day of my new to the playlist theme. Every once and a while I go to a record companies website and just start digging around in search of new bands to listen to. Recently, I did that with Century Media because I was in the mood for some blistering metal. No sooner do I go into their media section did I find the band The Agonist. They have the melodic sections which I actually appreciate. But all the grittiness and growling that you expect out of a Century Media band is there. It’s like you took Otep (The Agonist has a lead singer) and mixed them with Lacuna Coil. That may not be the best comparison as there’s no Evanescence to be found in the Agonist but that’s why I include the YouTube links. Listen and come up with your own comparisons. Maybe Crisis…Gosh, I miss Crisis.

Song 536- “Business Suits and Combat Boots” by The Agonist


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