4 May

New theme time and it’s time to look at the phenomena of the Supergroup. It’s what happens when an establish artist gets together with some already established artists to create an entity that is often a quite excellent blending. In this strange new age, supergroups can come about in many different ways. More than one has been created through use of the reality tv game show.

1 drummer from Motley Crue
1 guitarist from Guns and Roses
1 bassist from Metallica
1 singer who wins a reality TV singing contest…

What do you get? You get Rockstar Supernova, the band named after the show which helped to create it. I posted about the band all the way at the start of the 10kdays blog but I figured this was a good and familiar way to start off the theme. They weren’t the most successful supergroup as they were quickly met with problems (Bassist Newstead was badly hurt and couldn’t tour) and the band just couldn’t get past a niche market mostly made of people who had watched the show; many of whom preferred Dilana, Toby Rand or Storm Large to winner Lucas Rossi. Nevertheless, the band went platinum in Canada (Rossi is Canadian) and had a decent tour. No one seems to know if the band is still together but we have a pretty decent single to remember them by.

Song 544- “Headspin” by Rockstar Supernova


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