11 May

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Since it’s Mother’s Day, I figure i’ll post about something my wonderful wife is listening, seeing as she is the mother of my children (and easily the best mother I ever met, my kids are very lucky to have a mom like her). So time to peruse her Mp3 player. Hmmm. Well, I have been with my wife for almost 15 years now and still a lot of her listening harkens back to that time. There’s a lot of grunge in that there mp3 player. It’s a fact that I tend to get on her about. But I hope she knows I do it all jokingly because I have a bunch of the same songs on my jukebox. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw she dug up this gem from back then…

Song 551- “Mighty KC” by For Squirrels

It’s a great song from the grunge eras and made famous by one of the tragic stories of the time. For Squirrels was a band from Florida. They were on the verge of breakout success after playing in the CMJ. Then they got into a car accident that killed their singer and bassist. Then this song broke out as a hit with the most haunting chorus ever. Here was a band with a dead lead singer and here he was singing “And by the grace of god go I into the great unknown”.

It’s an amazing song and a great show of good taste by my wife. 🙂


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