15 May

New theme and this one is gonna go for more than 5 days. This is Music by Numbers. Some people paint by numbers. Me, I’m gonna blog about numbers in music and I’m going to keep going until either A) I fail to find something musical to go along with the number of the day or B) I just get bored of doing the theme. I’m hoping for the latter. No Failures! So, here we go. Music by Numbers.

1. “One” by Metallica.

A classic song with a classic music video and a great way to start this theme. Who doesn’t remember seeing the video and wondering about its odd plot. If you’ve weren’t an MTV watcher in the 80’s or 90’s, the video is a simple black and white live performance by the band spliced with the movie Johnny Got His Gun. The movie is about a soldier who gets hit on the last day of WWI and ends up without arms, legs or a face. He speaks in morse code and asks to be killed or be placed on display as a living testament to the horrors of war. The combination of the two make for one of the most intense experiences you can find, especially the end. I just found out that the movie is being remade. That ought to be very interesting…

Song 555- “One” by Metallica


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