21 May

It’s lucky number 7. And hopefully it’ll be luckier than 6 (which I typed up but for some reason didn’t get published until moments ago. Some days LJ can be a fuck). So what kind of stuff can I find for number 7? Well, of course, there’s the song “Seven” by Prince. There are also a bunch of 7 bands such as S Club 7, 7 Mary 3, and After 7. Gosh, there are so many choices: “Magnificent Seven” by the Clash, “7 Seconds” by Neneh Cherry & Youssou N’Dour, “7 Days” by Craig David….But I’m going to go for Zero 7. Zero 7 was a very cool trip hop group. But since then their lead singer has gone off and made her own success. And you know what, I really wanna talk about her. Her name is Sia and she’s made quite a spectacular run without the rest of Zero 7. She has an exceptional voice and got this style and energy that’s all her own. Her voice evokes old soul and then you see her and it’s the girl next door. She’s absolutely wonderful and I’m going to include a pair of links for the song of the day:

Song 561- “The Girl You Lost To Cocaine” by Sia

That’s the official video which seems awfully homemade but fun. And here’s some live Sia:


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